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What we do:


  • We are available for mobile vision testing during convenient office hours for company staff at their locations, offices or factories, saving valuable time.

  • We provide information about what might help to reduce eyestrain significantly.

Did you know?

  • Technology overuse, results in significant eyestrain and headaches.

  • This is easily rectified with advanced blue light coatings and readers, which help to “take the edge off” in the office environment.

Computer eye strain:


10 steps for relief  (Taken from

  1. Get your eyes tested regularly

  2. Use proper lighting

  3. Minimise glare

  4. Update your displays

  5. Adjust your computer settings (brightness, text size, colour)

  6. Blink more often

  7. Exercise your eyes

  8. Take frequent breaks

  9. Modify your workspace

  10. Consider computer eyewear 

Digital eye strain

Digital eye strain is common at school and in the workplace
Treatment includes correction of refractive error, readers, management of binocular or accomodation problems with lenses or eye exercises.


Anti glare and blue guard coatings on lenses to help manage fatigue.


Exposure to blue light ( eg on phones or computers) may affect sleep resulting in shorter sleep duration, longer sleep onset and sleep deficiency.

Dry eyes

The prevalence of dry eye today is up 50 percent.
This results in decreased work productivity.

Causes of dry eye:
Contact lens wear, laser eye surgery, allergies, computer use, air conditioning and certain medications like the pill can cause dry eye and affect productivity. To treat dry eye associated with eye strain we recommend  tear drops and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Optometrists can help manage the symptoms.

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